Wednesday, 23 April 2014

MEST 1 - How are representations constructed across the 3 platforms?

How are characters/stars in the film represented in?


In an interview Angelina Jolie did with Hello! Magazine, she talks about how hard she tried to keep SALT from becoming "pretty." The interview then goes on to talk about how hard Angelina Jolie fought and trained to become the best role for her character Evelyn Salt. The interview represents Angelina Jolie as incredibly hard-working and determined to always try her best and give it her all. The interview then goes on asking her more personal questions that have to do with her family life and her charitable work. The magazine has previously published articles including front page ones about Angelina Jolie and her family life, including the fact that she has adopted kids from Africa and China. The article then talks about how she previously visited Afghanistan and managed to open a girls school there. This represents her as very charitable, generous and caring.


Angelina's radio interviews mainly focus on her movie and ask less about her personal/glamorous life. The radio presenters tend to ask about her movie and what she had to go through to get ready for it and film it, Angelina talks about how she did most of the stunts on her own. This presents her as very courageous and adventurous, as in most action movies nowadays, a stuntman is hired to pretend to be the character and do the stunt scenes for them. Mainly being because actors were to scared and did not want to get hurt.

Her TV interviews consisted mainly of talk shows, on both American and English shows which were then dubbed in to other languages. In these talk shows, most of the questions revolved around her personal life. This represents Angelina as very glamorous and living the star studded life. Most of the talk show interviews with her concluded of questions about her hollywood life instead of her new movie.


Angelina Jolie is not herself on E-Media. She does not have Twitter and her Facebook page is run by management. However, Salt's official Facebook page did a fun Q & A with Angelina Jolie allowing fans and viewers to ask her questions, her then replying to then. She also did a live stream, where fans could watch her answering their questions live. The questions consisted mainly of her film including;

"Is this role of yours any similiar to your Tomb Raider film?"
"Will there be a Salt 2?"
"What was your funnist moment on set"

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

MEST1 Cross Media Study

Who are the films target audience(s) and how do you know?

I would say that Salt is aimed for 14 and upwards. The movie does include very little scenes of sex & nudity, just a husband and wife kissing on the sofa. The movie has a fair amount of violence and gore, including intense fights, car crashes and chase. Profanity wise, the movie has a few swear words however they are not too bad. The movie contains some minor smoking and very little alcohol. Overall, the movie is aimed for mid teens and over. By doing research on Wikipedia and other websites, I got a clear understanding of the target audience. There are also many other websites that post reviews and rate the movies as a recommendation for parents and as to whether or not they should take their children to watch it.

The film is promoted to it's target audience through print by;

The cast of the movie, including the director have done several different interviews with a variety of magazines and newspapers. Some examples of articles that have been written about the cast/interviews of the cast include, Vanity Fair, TOTAL FILM, Heat Magazine, People Magazine and Entertainment etc.
An advantage of Salt featuring on all of these magazines is that they are targeting a range of people, instead of just one specific group. For example, a magazine like People Magazine that talks mainly about current celebrity affairs and gossip mainly targets females, whereas a magazine like TOTAL FILM targets both women and men, this allows a range of different people from all over the world to hear about the film. Angelina Jolie has also done many interviews that have been dubbed into different languages such as, German, French, Hindi and Spanish. This helps as it means the interviews can be distributed all over the world and not just English-speaking countries. This allows Salt to target a variety of audiences all over the world.

The film is promoted to it's target audience through Broadcast;

The DVD/Blu Ray has dubbed the movie in several different languages including, English, Dutch, Hindi, German and Turkish. This is a good method of promoting the movie worldwide as it allows countries that are not fluent in the movies main language English to be able to watch the movie and understand it. The DVD also features two different versions of the movie. The Director's Cut and The Extended Cut, this includes flashbacks that could not make the theatrical version. The soundtrack was released on both iTunes and as aq CD-ROM.

Salt also has a Movie Soundtrack available, the music is composed by James Newton Howard (An American Composer who is known for doing over 100 successful Hollywood movies) and released by Madison Gate Records. The official soundtrack includes over 21 tracks, including a Russian track.

Angelina Jolie did many interviews to help promote and raise awareness about her movie Salt, including radio interviews with BBC 4, Ryan Seacrest, SBS and Absolute Radio. Angelina Jolie also starred in many interviews on TV, including chat shows such as Jonathan Ross and The Ellen Show. By Angelina Jolie featuring on both radio and TV, it allows her to reach many different target audiences. It is also significant that during her interviews on TV, Angelina Jolie spoke more about her current affairs and celebrity life. However, on her radio interviews she speaks more about what it was like filming for Salt and preparing for the movie.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

MEST1 - How are texts constructed?

How are texts in the three platforms constructed?

How is the film promoted through...

Salt's main character Evelyn Salt, played by famous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, did several interviews with magazines and newspapers. Depending on what type of magazine it was, the interviews were very informative and spoke a lot about the film. One example of an interview Angelina Jolie did for a magazine is "" Like most articles, it started with a clear introduction as to what it would be about, additional information (in this case, information about Salt and how the movie had actually be written for the main lead to be a male.) The article then goes on to asking Angelina Jolie questions. This article mainly focuses on Angelina Jolies time on the movie, what it was like doing the stunts etc. The article also talks about how her famous husband, Hollywood actor Brad Pitt. A significant method have used for this article to help promote them and the movie is that in the introduction they have mentioned Brad Pitt's name. They have spoken about his reaction to finding Angelina Jolie half dressed as a man and woman (in preparation for a role) However, using Brad Pitt's name in the sub-heading when only mentioning his name in a sentence in the article is a good method to get more readers drawn in to reading the article. Another promotion method.                


Angelina Jolie and other actors from the film Salt have promoted themselves and the movie in many different ways. Angelina Jolie did a radio interview with BBC Four - FRONT ROW. The BBC describe the programme as a "live magazine programme on the world of arts, media, literature, film and music." The shows usually consist of a mix of reviews, previews, interviews, film exclusives etc. The interview is mainly about reviews and what they have heard about the movie. However, Angelina Jolie then makes a guest appearance although only talks for a few minutes. This is a significant promotion me
thod as Angelina Jolie talks about how hard it was filming the movie and getting ready for it. As she did do most of the stunts herself, this leaves enough information and persuades viewers of the radio show to want to watch the movie and see what it is about and what stunts Angelina Jolie did.

Angelina Jolie and director of the movie, Phillip Noyce did several interviews for tabloids, newspapers and magazines to help raise awareness of their movie. By doing interviews with different magazines it allows them to target a wider audience. Angelina Jolie did interviews with several different types of magazines such as Vanity Fair, a magazine of fashion, popular culture and current affairs, Total Film, a magazine published every four weeks and offers cinema, DVD and Blu-Ray news, reviews and features.   This magazine cover of People Magazine, uses "The Salt Star" as a way of introducing and relating to Angelina Jolie. Even though, Angelina Jolie has many other successful movies People Magazine chose Salt as they know the magazine was being released close after the movie's release date.


Salt's official Facebook page has over 5,000,000 likes. This already tells us it has a big fanbase, and is well known around. The Facebook page has already used many different techniques to try and promote the release of the official DVD/Blu-Ray including giveaways of signed posters and opportunities to meet the cast including Angelina Jolie.

The Twitter page followed the same promotion methods, and also did giveaways. The page did other competitions which included asking questions about the movie, Angelina Jolie and Sony Pictures. This method worked well, as Angelina Jolie has a big fan base all around the world. Another competition was based on questions about the Official Salt Trailer when it had just been released, this was a significant method as it meant that people had to watch the trailer and do research on the movie and the label that produced it to be able to win free goodies, such as signed posters and tickets to Disneyland Florida.
However, Salt at the time did not have many followers on Twitter as it did on Facebook. This being because when the movie was released there were less users then rather than now.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

MEST 1 - Film Media In Context

(SALT 2010 - Angelina Jolie)

How does the industry promote the film using –


As Angelina Jolie is the main actress of the film, she has done many different interviews with several different magazines and newspapers all over the world. The interviews she has done talk about her time whilst filming the movie and also her personal life, including gossip about her actor husband Brad Pitt. Some famous magazines that she has been interviewed by include, Hello!, USA today and The Telegraph.

The magazine covers below portray different ways of attracting different target audiences. For example, "FILM" is more about Salt The Movie. The main picture is very striking and it shows a lot about the movie. This gives the impression that this magazine is more about the movie and reviews, exclusive interviews etc. Whereas the other magazine "VANITY FAIR" takes a closer look at Angelina Jolie, the celebrity actress. Her article talks very little about her film and more about her celebrity lifestyle. Including, gossips, rumours, boyfriends etc. This targets a very different audience compared to the other magazine.


Angelina Jolie and other famous actors such as Live Schreiber and August Diel have also featured in some of the interviews. Some of the interviews that the cast of Salt have starred in include talk shows, and radio interviews filmed all over the world. Including, Mexico, Russia, USA, UK and Germany. The official DVD has many special features including the entire movie being dubbed in several different languages such as French, German, Turkish, Hindi and more. This promotes the film as it allows people all over the world that might not understand English fluently to enjoy the movie. The Salt DVD has another special DVD that includes all of the movies special features such as “The Ultimate Film Hero” this takes a look at Angelina Jolie and what she had to go through to be the perfect role for Salt. “Spy Disguise” Which looks at all of the different disguises Angelina Jolie wore during her movie plus many more features.  The features allow the audience to get a behind the scenes look of the movie and how it was put together.

Salt also released an official behind the scenes clip on YouTube that has many different parts. (Part 1...Part 2...Part 3) Each part is approximately 7-9 minutes long. Therefore, includes a lot of exclusive action and outtakes. 


Salt has an official Twitter Page that gives updates to fans about the movie including competitions and give-aways. An example of how Salt have used Twitter to promote their movie is by doing giveaways and competitions. The twitter page asks the fans questions about the movie and about their star Angelina Jolie, the fans that then get the most questions right are the ones that win the competition and eventually win give-aways. For example, a signed poster or a DVD. This persuades more people to take part in the competitions and get involved with the film celebrating it’s release.

Salt also uses this same method on their Facebook page. The Facebook page has over 5 million likes. As the movie has been distributed by Columbia Pictures (US) and Sony Pictures (UK) the companies now post other movies that they have distributed on their Facebook page. Although Salt is not a new movie,  there are still many interactions made on their Facebook page.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Learners Response

First few questions started out well, however the last two - Marks were lost out on

Re-do the last two questions.

The institution makes a very clever approach to road safety by showing us that this can happen any time. One of the techniques that they used was the slow motion. The  use of physical theatre makes the idea more original and it also shows family values by making the kid and mother being the seat belt it shows that they are the shield of the dad.

One thing I noticed was that the daughter of the family was wearing wings, this could connote to us that she is like an angel from above and is the saviour and has come to save the dad from his car crash. Also when the dad has a car crash you see glitter appear and this could be instead of blood to show a less shocking version of events. Normally with adverts like this which involves accidents are with dark lighting and dull, however this particular had high key lighting which would add to a light hearted affect which allows the viewers to watch it without feeling anger or quite upset.