Thursday, 26 September 2013

Analysis: iPhone 5C - PROMO VIDEO.

Apple have recently released a new product, iPhone 5C.
The framing of the video is plain and simple, a white background. Apple are known for their use of the colour white in their videos, websites etc. So this gives them unique brand awareness. This is so that we know when we are looking at an Apple product. The main subject of the video is the product that is the new iPhone.

The phone is always in the centre of the shot. The advertisement does not look into anything else apart from the phone and it's features. The video has also used many different shots, when we first look at the phone we go into a close up, and then look at the phone from other angles for example, low and high. This allows us to look at the phone from every angle before buying it. The lighting also shows a glossy effect to the phone, this really shows off how they have added value to the product by doing so.

By having a white background, it shows how simple the phone is. It shows how simple it is to use an iPhone and how there are no complications. Whereas if the advert was full on, and had used several different colours, music, fast shots etc. The audience would not get as much information as wanted and would not fully understand the product.
Apple iPhone 5

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