Sunday, 15 September 2013


The trailer I have chosen to analyse is from the movie SALT. (Angelina Jolie, Liev Schreiber,Daniel Olbyrchski and more). This movie came out in 2010 and is an action-thriller.

After watching the trailer for this movie I have gained more information as to what this movie could be about. The trailer starts with a shot of Angelina Jolie's character "Eva" 's face. Before the trailer has even started we can sense tension in the movie, this is one of the main characteristics of thriller movies. We are then brought to the highest point of tension in the movie, where the Russian spy that has been caught, (Orlov) is telling the police about a plan to kill the President of Russia. After this, the name of the spy that is planning to do this is given. The spies name is said to be "Evelyn Salt" - this is infact her (Angelina Jolie's) full name. As this is being said the music slowly increases in tempo and it gets louder. This gives us the impression that the movie is based on trying to find out whether or not Evelyn Salt is actually the Russian Spy.

The trailer has also used quick shots in this movie, this is effective as to the viewers it shows speed. Which then makes us think of action movies. As we move forward in the trailer, the music changes completely - we see more quick shots of Evelyn trying to run away from the FBI, creating more tension. We also get to see several different fighting scenes including Evelyn and the FBI. This appeals to the audience that tend to enjoy the more violent scenes.

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