Friday, 6 September 2013


My name is Farina Nezam and I am 16 years old. I have just started sixth form at Greenford High School (GHS) Along with Media Studies I am also studying Business, German and IT. I have just moved from Elthorne Park High School. Although I have only just started and am still meeting people, I love it so far! The school is extremely friendly and everyone is so open!


There are several reasons as to why I chose Media Studies. First of all it has always been an interest, I have always wanted to look more into the media and study it. I also love the creative side to it, doing all the practical work and film making! I myself have personally done some projects that included me filming then editing and I loved it. I find it incredibly interesting and would love to pursue it in the future. I am also curious to see the other part of Media Studies, analysing and examining pictures, looking at newspapers etc. as I have never done this before.

Unfortunately I did not study Media Studies during my GCSEs. Although I am sure it will not hold me back or be a problem.

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