Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Language Of Analysis - Kim Kardashian; TRUE REFLECTION

The advert I am going to be analysing is Kim Kardashian's perfume 'TRUE REFLECTION'

Colour: The colours in this photo are mainly bright, excluding the text. White is often referred to as classy, elegant and new. These colours are specifically used to portray the scent and perfume. The contrasting colour, black is then used for the perfume bottle and the font. This is significant as it stands out against the white and grabs attention.

Framing/Shot: The shot is a very wide shot of Kim Kardashian lying down on a bed, with the perfume infront of her. What I think is interesting is  how big Kim Kardashians photo is, compared to the photoshopped product infront of her. This shows that it is more about her than the product. This is because the public audience would be easily persuaded, the photo does not focus on the product as much as it should do. Kim Kardashian being who she is, is what is going to sell the product. This is due to the fact that not only is Kim Kardashian herself a huge brand, but so is her family name. Nowadays when we think or hear of the name 'Kardashian' we automatically think, money, wealth, class, elegance, perfection etc. (in most cases).

Size: The size of the font for the name of the perfume is big, and contrasts against the white of Kim's dress which stands out to us. We can see and read it from afar. We then can see, underneath the photo her initials 'KK' and then her name KIM KARDASHIAN in a thicker/bolder font.

Pose: Kim's pose in this photo is very classy. She is lying down on a bed with what seems to be a night gown on, face full of make up, long black hair... every man's dream! She looks relaxed in the photo but also gorgeous at the same time.

Lighting: As I said earlier, with the colours they are all very bright neutral colours. They have done the same with the lighting, you can see Kim's skin has been brightened up, which puts words into our head that she's 'fresh' or 'new'. Which could be describing the perfume.

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