Thursday, 28 November 2013

Preliminary Excercise - Evaluation

Our preliminary exercise begins with a shot of one of our main characters, walking up the stairs towards where the interview is taking place. Our first shot is a medium close up of the character, which is then showed from 3 different angles. This whole scene lasts for 15 seconds. Our second angle, is from behind the character, this showed the characters body language clearly. The last ange of the scene was  panning, this was done so that the audience were able to see the location it was set in. This was significant as if we had not tracked the character after, this one scene would have had to be divided into 3 separate ones.  The following scene is then set in the office – where the interview is taking place. The secretary announces that the employer will be with her shortly. This short dialogue gave us the opportunity to add another character and the camera effect used was over the shoulder shot. This portrays the different levels of characters, signifying who has more power and who has less. 
After this we cut to the main scene which is where the protagonist has his interview. We are introduced with the secretary announcing that "she will be with you in a second" referring to the interviewer.  The camera then turns back to our protagonist and we can see he is awaiting nervously. The camera fades out to another angle of him sitting, this is to show that some time has gone just as we get a shot of the high heels walking towards the room where the protoganist is sitting. The camera then shows a out of focus close up of the interviewer entering the room switching to the main protagonists reaction adding up to him trying to be more "manly." This is then when our first match on action is portrayed, when the folders are being thrown onto the table.  The interview then begins and we get a lot of  shots of both characters as they talk.  Another close up is then used where the camera is angled looking up, this happens when he is asked if he has brought a specific piece of paperwork.  This has been done so that not only do we get to show another angle but so that the audience get to see the main protagonists facial expression. 

What Went Well: The editing was done well, and the music was very affective. For example, music stops at one point to create tension then starts again. The storyline was good, and included some humor.
Even Better If: A few of the shots were a little out of focus. We had also broken the 180 rule.


  1. Mark: 4/10
    Grade: D
    WWW: You describe the shots accurately and in some detail - occasionally explaining the impact on the audience.
    EBI: This evaluation contains a lot of denotation but not much connotation. You need to add much, much more depth to your analysis. This is badly organised and difficult to follow. You then mention that you broke the 180 degree rule - but don't explain how or give any detail at all. This is well short of where you need to be in the written aspects of A Level Media.
    LR: List three things you will do differently when it comes to your main coursework having completed this preliminary exercise.

  2. LR:
    I agree that I did not go into as much analysis as I could have, and that I should have written more. I had written my evaluation on Microsoft Word although every time I pasted it into the blog it would come out so. Sorry for any inconvenience.
    3 things I would do differently:
    I would make sure I go into much depth as possible, explaining and analysing many different aspects of filming used.
    Something else I would do differently is to explain my points. I seem to have made many, for example that we broke the 180 degree rule. Although I did not explain why, this could have decreased my marks.
    And lastly, I will make sure I complete it all by the deadline giving me enough time to proof-read and make adjustments.