Monday, 2 December 2013

Audience Theory - Mr. Bush

What do YOU primarily use the media for: Entertainment or Information? (Or something else?)

I would say that I use the media for several different reasons. Including entertainment (YouTube) Information (Wikipedia, Google Translate), social life (Facebook, Twitter) and personal relationships (Whatsapp, BBM)

To what extent do you feel we are dependant on the media?

In my opinion, I think we are very very dependant on media. This being as it is there for all of our needs, whether it be checking the weather, the definition of something, watching something you missed or just wanting to talk to someone. These are some of the main things, and if you look at the majority of teenagers and even just the society in general. Most of us own smart phones, that allow you to access internet from when you are not at home. This plays a big part as it addicts us even more, as we know that we can go on it wherever we are and whenever we want to. It can also be used as a time pass, for example when you are waiting for a bus, or eating lunch (etc.) a lot of people tend to take their phone out or a magazine etc. As it passes time.

Has our dependance on the media changed over the last 10 years?

Yes, I think it has changed massively. Especially when talking about phones, ipads, tablets etc. This is because technology is getting better everyday and now you can do things you could never do 10 years ago. For example, accessing fast internet from anywhere, all the social networking sites, being able to listen to music on a small portable device etc.

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