Thursday, 19 December 2013

Focus Group - Evaluation

Whilst presenting my idea to the focus group I had to ensure I included information such as a clear explanation of my storyline/idea, details from the brief (characters, narrative themes and location.) I also included why my idea would appeal to the 15-35 audience demographic, including scheduling details (when it might be broadcasted and on what channel.)

Quotes from Focus Group

"Location should be in Chelsea instead of Soho"
"Props - newspaper, make sure it looks realistic. Or just not show newspaper, just reading it out"
"Find a "girl being found" article."
"ITV1 would be better" 
"American feel to it" 
"Use the characters to tell the story"
"Handheld camera can be used for flashback."
"Scene in Sherlock where a lot of people recieve a same message at the same time. Watch the episode and see how it's done. Research it."#
"Sound effect of the message tone, shot of the table and girls reaching for their phone and 3 close ups."
"Like the idea, very  movie like."
"More for teenage girls and plus."

When I shared my idea with the focus group it benefited me in many ways and allowed me to look back at my idea and make the correct adjustments. For example, I was given many ideas as to what sorts of camera shots should be used. One suggestion that I particularly liked was to use a handheld camera when filming the scenes in the stable (will be shown as flashback.) I found this very helpful, and agreed with the affect it would have on the audience and the scene, also portraying my camera skills.
I also realised how much time I do not have, and I have a lot of scenes and ideas that I want to show. However, I found out that it is likely to not be possible as shortage of time. As I discussed my idea to the focus group we had come to the conclusion that it would be best to show the scenes at the stable (just before Alison goes missing) as flashbacks and cut some bits out. This shortens time, and gives me the opportunity to tell the story backwards. Although, I must make sure I am not using words to tell the story, but the characters. This also allows the audience to learn more about the characters and maybe get emotionally attached.
My target audience would more likely be teenage girls as it is a teen drama. Although, I do think my programme could be suitable for older girls too. This being because the plot involves mystery and tension.
Therefore the target audience would vary from 15-23 year old females. This being the age where most girls are beginning college and studying university and will be able to relate to the girls as they are also in college. In terms of psycho graphics, I would say succeeders and aspirers. It will also be a pre-watershed show which means there are no obvious scenes of violence, very minimal swearing and no drug use. My show will be broadcasted on ITV from 8pm - 9pm (Every Wednesday, 43 mins)

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