Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Film Review - iLL Manors

iLL Manors is a unique crime thriller that is set in London. The movie has been directed and written by Ben Draw famously known as Plan B a rapper and songwriter. iLL Manors follows the lives of four drug dealers, one user and two prostitutes. The movie is narrated by Ben Drew as he raps words to represent the stories and what is happening.
The movie follows the life of many different yet similar characters and shows us how they live their everyday lives. Eventually, each character has some sort of connection to another which creates some sort of a circle. We learn through flashback images the childhoods these characters have survived and the events that eventually lead to where they are now.The film impressively did not show the characters as two-dimensional as they were not just purely evil. For example, there was Aaron. A boy who's parents abandoned him at a very young age and had to be brought up in a care home. The movie shows Aaron to be a drug dealer, although it also allows us to get emotionally attached to the character as we find out his parents are trying to contact him again.
Compared to Ben Drew's other movies such as Adulthood and Kidulthood, iLL Manors lacks humour and is very dark and serious. The finale was incredibly unexpected and was a shock to many. 
The acting was very well and authentic, including the roles that were minor. The soundtrack allowed the audience to understand in depth as it narrated the story to us. Each song told us each characters story and childhood, explaining why there were where they are and why. This I found very effective as it was as though we were being given additional information. We were shown that they are not like this by choice, but because of reason.
I personally could not handle all the scenes in this movie emotionally, but other than this I believe it portrays a very strong message that shows us another story to the youth and people that join gangs as such.
The target audience for this movie, whilst referring to psychographics are reformers. Although I think it initially targets teenagers that are going through the same thing, or may be experiencing such problems with family and/or socially. 

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