Thursday, 30 January 2014

iLL Manors - Film Research

Research all the institutions involved in the production of Ill Manors. List them with a summary of what their contribution to the film was.
How much did iLL Manors cost to produce? (It's budget) 
The movie's budget was £100,000.
How was iLL Manors funded?
Ben Drew also known as Plan B, had always had an ambition for making movies. He had first written a script for a movie called Trigger, this was based on an armed police raid that had taken place at his house, although he was refused funding as he was an inexperienced movie director. Plan B then tried again with another movie call Michelle, which was financed by himself (£4,000)
iLL Manors was based on stories that Ben had heard when he was younger, and the film had been in development for 3 years prior to filming. However he struggled for finance and had finally recieved help from other producers and directors.
What is the target audience for iLL Manors?
The target audience was more likely to be teenagers and youths that could relate to the situations and problems that were portrayed in the movie. For example, drug dealing, alcoholism, prostitution etc. Although, one could also say that a significant amount of the audience tended to be those who were intrigued by such a different lifestyle, such as those from the middle class. As it can be argued they would want to see how the working class really live, and not just from the media's perspective.
Who is the main distributor of iLL Manors?
The main distributor is Revolver Entertainment.
How was iLL Manors promoted?
The iLL Manors' trailer was first debuted on The Guardians website, the premiere then took place at the Empire cinema in Leicester Square. The screening was attended by many other artists and well known celebrities such as Tinie Tempah, Alisha Dixon, Ed Sheeran and more. The movie iLL Manors was released to 191 different cinemas in the United Kingdom. The film was also released internationally and showed at countries such as Canada, Brazil and Holland.
Compare this with a big budget blockbuster. What are the main similarities and differences?
How does the trailer for iLL Manors hook audiences onto the narrative an pose questions that the film will answer. Identify 3 ways/techniques.
One technique iLL Manors has used for it's trailer that keeps the audience intrested and wanting to know more is cliffhangers. For example, they do not show entire scenes that explain why something is happening. They will only show some of it, this keeps the audience curious and wanting to know more. Another technique is fast pace. The trailer never lets us look at a specific scene too much and the fast pace is ongoing, this portrays the film to be filled with action scenes and a lot of tension. Towards the end of the trailer we see more violent scenes and then ending with many different characters all pointing a gun towards the camera. This is significant as it has left us again, with wanting to know more.
How does the trailer for iLL Manors balance plot and spectacle?
Think about the certificate of iLL Manors (18 certificate) Research film certification and outline what is deemed acceptable for this certificate. What is the difference between a 15 certificate and an 18?

18 Certificate:

Main issues that are found - 
Very strong violence
Strong portrayals of sexual activity
Strong horror
Strong blood and gore
Real sex (in some circumstances)
Drug use is acceptable although it must not be promoted in anyway

15 certificate - 18 certificate

Majority of 15 certificates allow moderate violence, gore and sexual activity, but not too frequent and it must be relevant. Drug taking is not banned but should also not promoted/encouraged.
The difference between both certificates is decided by explicity.

15 rated certificate majoritively allow moderate violence, gore and sexual activity, but not too frequent and must be relevant. Drug taking is not banned but should not be promoted.

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