Tuesday, 21 January 2014

iLL MANORS - The Making Of...

What does this tell us about Plan B's intentions in making the film?

By watching the Making Of the movie I understood that his intentions were for people to get more of an idea. By this, I mean that he wanted to show that when crime is committed, or when the youth have done something bad it does not always necessarily mean they are evil. Ben Draw (Plan B) wanted to show that there is always a background story. That we should not judge the people who have committed the crime. Another point being that we should also not stereotype the youth to all be similar.

What do we learn about the production process for 'iLL Manors?'

Ben Drew had explained that when he made a short film as a pilot, it was originally 20 minutes long. Although he had received a phone call saying it had to be cut short to 5 minutes. Using his imagination he decided to make a rap song. Which includes him rapping over someone beat-boxing with a few scenes. Plan B had really set on making the film although there were many financial problems. They tried to start filming in around 2009 although there was a credit crunch. It was until 2012 that the film was released. The budget for the movie was £100,000. This was very low compared to other movies. 

What can you tell about the possible film target for this short documentary?

In my opinion, there were 2 types of audiences. One being those that are going through very similar things to the characters in the movie, and another being those who think wrongly about the characters in the movie. Referring back to psycho-graphics, I would say that they are the Reformers. These are those that assume that they are just bad people and as quoted by Ben Drew "The people that think I don't want my kids to be hanging around with them." There are many people that think like this, therefore Ben Drew knew that it would be a good idea to make them one of the target audiences. 
I also think that he wanted to portray a different side of East London to the people that do assume it is something else. The East London that was before the Olympics happened and before the new Westfield arrived.

Does the film successfully do what director Ben Draw (Plan B) set out to achieve? Explain your answer with reference to both the film and making of documentary.

I think the film does successfully portray the image Ben Drew wanted to give to his target audiences. The image that shows another story to people that assume these bad things are doing by people without reason. Plan B had portrayed that he wanted to offer understanding and challenge the misunderstanding. It was very obvious that Plan B had a very clear vision and knew what he wanted. He wanted to show that it's not just as simple as things being black and white, there is more. By choosing the appropriate locations and the right characters he managed to do this in a very authentic way. In my opinion it did not make me feel as though I was watching a movie, but that I was just watching reality - watching what happens to people in there everyday lives.

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