Monday, 20 January 2014

MEST2 Progress Report - 16th January

Work completed since 6 January 

- Script = Completed

Incomplete pre-production tasks

Almost all of the work is completed, I need to go over the script a little more. I must also finish my incomplete storyboard and shot list. My mise en scene is nearly finished although I have not published it, as there might be some changes when it comes to the props and lighting. 

Next steps/Action plan

I am now going to decide an appropriate time as to when I should book out a camera (preferably next week) Although I must double check things first with my actors. This includes sending the script to all of my actors, allowing them to get an idea and to start lining lines so that we do not have any delays on our days of filming. Another thing I must remember is to also double check with the West London Stables as to what date in the next following weeks I can use the location and for how long - so that there are no errors or misconceptions on the day we want to film.
Date filming will be complete

My filming will hopefully be fully complete by the first week of February, this being as I want to make sure I have every shot needed. As it will be hard to try and go back and get my additional shots. 

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