Thursday, 30 January 2014

MEST2 Progress Report - January 30

I have managed to finish most of my pre-production, and have confirmed to start filming this upcoming weekend.
There were a few problems with the date of the filming as some of my actors were a little busy and also due to the bad weather. As most of my scenes are being filmed outside it will be very difficult to this in the pouring rain. Therefore, we had delayed filming a little bit as we wanted to start filming our stables scene on Wednesday.

Next Steps: To finally start doing my photo shoot for my front page and double page spread hopefully on Friday evening. This being so that I have a clear idea as to how the pictures will come out. I will also take additional photos as we are filming for the double page spread. Maybe as a "Behind the Scenes" bit.

Upcoming filming dates -  Starting 1st February - 2nd February (If necessary, 3rd and 4th)
Editing - Finished by following weekend and will start working on Magazine covers etc.

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