Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Ill Manors Website/Plan B TV Interviews

iLL Manors Website

The iLL Manors features many different sections on its website. This allows the audience to connect with the movie and more.
Some of the features featured include:
Trailer - The trailer allows the audience to get a quick look at the movie, what it's about, what sort of genre and some of the scenes. The trailer section is at the top as when people view the page, the first thing they would want to see is the trailer.
Synopsis - The synopsis is a brief summary of the film, for those that are thinking about watching the movie but are not too convinced can look at the synopsis. This gives a brief summary of what the film is about and what is to be expected.
Ben Drew - As Ben Drew directed this movie, it is expected for him to have some sort of information about himself on the page. This section gives some background information on Ben Drew, how he got to where he was and what his plans are. 
Stills - The stills section on the website allows the viewers to not only see some of the other characters but also a chance to look at actual still shots from the movie. This is also another technique that could persuade them to watch the movie to find out what happens next according to what movie still it is.
Videos - The videos section is more likely to be the "Bonus features" Or "Special features" which is normally shown on the menu of the DVD. This is there as just extra bits and pieces including behind the scene action for those who particularly enjoyed the film and are not satisfied with just watching the movie but want to see much more.
Buy Now - The buy now section is for those that are interested in buying the movie or what I would have expected is merchandise etc. This is very simple, and is just a small section for those that have been persuaded to buy the movie.
Links - The links section follows personal and official Instagram/Twitter/Facebook etc. This allows fans/viewers to connect with the actors etc. on a more personal level. It gives them to opportunity to see what they are up to and what future plans are.
Reactions - The reactions sections includes all positive reviews from some of Ben Drew's friends who had also attended the premiere of the movie. Including well known singers/songwriters such as Ed Sheeran, Alesha Dixon, Tinie Tempah and more. There are also many other positive reviews written by magazines and newspapers, this is another technique used to persuade the audience that the film is definitely a must watch.
Albums - The albums section features various ways in which they can purchase the album/soundtrack. There is also a website on there that belongs to Ben Draw/Plan B.

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