Monday, 3 February 2014

Research/Planning Tasks

I chose 4 front page covers that I think appeal to my programme the most. Although, the one I think I will base mine on the most is the one from "E! Entertainment" This being as it has 4 girls on the cover, all in which are looking very suspicious and mysterious. Which relates to my programme however, my double page spread will most likely have an image of all the characters together whereas the front cover will just have one.

3/4 of these covers feature actresses that work in a programme that is very similar to mine. This being why I thought it would be appropriate to choose these, although as my magazine will be a souvenir magazine based on my show entirely, the colours will not be as bold.


I chose Doctor Who as I like the way it shows off what the show is about by just the magazine cover. I hope my front page cover does the same. I also like how the colours all contrast against each other, for example, the yellow background and the font colour is also yellow along with the top bit of the magazine.

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