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How was the PlanBUk Youtube Channel used to promote the Ill Manors film?

The channel had started posting teasers of the trailer and of the music video. This kept the audience waiting and eager to watch the full thing. This was a very good strategy. The channel also posted up radio interviews that were discussing Ill Manors allowing the audience to listen if they were missed. Including songs from the official soundtrack.

Find examples of the synergy or cross - promotion between the PlanBUk YouTube channel and other media texts you have studied as part of the case study. Explain how they both promote the film and appeal to the iLL Manors target audience.

PlanBUk has a video that is called Tag London, it is where you leave your comments on Twitter on what you think about Plan B's music followed by the hashtag #ILLMANORS and a graffiti artist that would then graffiti your comments and project them across London. Synergy is used here as YouTube is not only promoting the film but also Twitter.

What links to other social networking sites can you find on the PlanBUK channel homepage?

At the top of the PlanBUK channel homepage the banner has a small section in the corner which automatically connects you to their SoundCloud (where you can listen to the soundtrack) along with their Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus page.


How has Ill Manors used the Instagram platform to promote Ill Manors?

Ill Manors have used the Instagram platform to promote Ill Manors as they have been posting pictures that are significant to the movie. Including posts that are pictures of the poster and release dates (for the soundtrack and the DVD release)

What hashtags are used on Instagram to promote the film? Is there consistency in branding/hashtags across social media? Why is this important?

One hashtag so far has been used on what seems to be the Official Instagram for Ill Manors and that is #ILLMANORS. Hashtags are important as they allow others users of Instagram to click on the hashtags and see other posts that are associated with the hashtags. For example, as #ILLMANORS is the hashtag that is used it, when others click on the hashtag it will take them to another page where they will only be able to see posts that are associated with that hashtag. This is a significant method.


How many 'likes' has the Ill Manors film page had?

What is the top of the page promoting?

The top of the page has a cover photo that promotes the fact that Ill Manors is now available to buy on DVD or Blu-Ray. The banner is the first thing someone sees when they go on someone's profile, this promotes the movie and is a good method. The Facebook page has also captioned the picture with

"Ill Manors or Plan B Fan? Change your timeline to this or another iLL Manors photo in support!"


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