Tuesday, 11 March 2014

iLL Manors Paragraph

By looking at iLL Manors I have analysed many difference between the different Media products. One analysis I have done is by looking at the ways in which two interviews that Plan B also known as Ben Drew has done. One interview was a Radio 1 interview with Fearne Cotton and had compared it to Jonathon Ross' interview with him. The similarities in both interviews are that they are both interviewing Plan B one to one. However, the differences are that in Fearne Cotton's interview the main subject is about Plan B and his new movie. Talking about how much effort he has made trying to make it etc. Whereas Jonathan Ross' talks about Plan B's life as an artist. Talking about who he's met and time at awards etc.

EBI: You went into more depth with the differences and similarites
Codes and conventions

WWW: Started very well and showed the differences between both interviews.
(Marked by Danyaal)

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