Tuesday, 18 March 2014


All these tweets are agreeing with the values shown through either ill manors, or plan b, and his music. Tweeters seem to be frustrated about the system, and believe that the current politicians aren't helping Britain grow, but making it worse. 

They are trying to get their message across in their own unique way. They say stuff such as blaming the government for the problems being caused as if they are pointing the finger at them. It is sort of like they are backing themselves up as if they are having an argument with someone. It is also as if the people who are tweeting sound angry also
This would appeal I believe mainly to struggler's as this tweet may be related to them in the way that the poorer are getting poorer. Also to a a more D demographic which relates to what I said about psycographics. 

This could be related to the interview in which Plan B appeared on Soccer AM as their target audience may be to similar targets audiences of that tweet.

The ill manors tag London Campaign is something significant and gives the movie a USP. This is because no other movie has done something like this. 

The tag London campaign does not have to be for those that watch the movie as it is about something in London. This means that people will use the hashtag just to have an opportunity in competing.


I believe this would appeal to strugglers as this group would relate to the tweet. Inclusion not exclusion shows that they want to be part of society and not be outsiders and this is what strugglers are seen in society who seek escape. 

The demographics I believe this would relate to would C2, D and E because they are more the lower class and may feel they are outsiders when it comes to society.


This relates to all the psychographic groups as it refers to all of London and not just a specific group of people.

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