Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Learners Response

First few questions started out well, however the last two - Marks were lost out on

Re-do the last two questions.

The institution makes a very clever approach to road safety by showing us that this can happen any time. One of the techniques that they used was the slow motion. The  use of physical theatre makes the idea more original and it also shows family values by making the kid and mother being the seat belt it shows that they are the shield of the dad.

One thing I noticed was that the daughter of the family was wearing wings, this could connote to us that she is like an angel from above and is the saviour and has come to save the dad from his car crash. Also when the dad has a car crash you see glitter appear and this could be instead of blood to show a less shocking version of events. Normally with adverts like this which involves accidents are with dark lighting and dull, however this particular had high key lighting which would add to a light hearted affect which allows the viewers to watch it without feeling anger or quite upset.

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