Thursday, 20 March 2014

MEST 1 - Film Media In Context

(SALT 2010 - Angelina Jolie)

How does the industry promote the film using –


As Angelina Jolie is the main actress of the film, she has done many different interviews with several different magazines and newspapers all over the world. The interviews she has done talk about her time whilst filming the movie and also her personal life, including gossip about her actor husband Brad Pitt. Some famous magazines that she has been interviewed by include, Hello!, USA today and The Telegraph.

The magazine covers below portray different ways of attracting different target audiences. For example, "FILM" is more about Salt The Movie. The main picture is very striking and it shows a lot about the movie. This gives the impression that this magazine is more about the movie and reviews, exclusive interviews etc. Whereas the other magazine "VANITY FAIR" takes a closer look at Angelina Jolie, the celebrity actress. Her article talks very little about her film and more about her celebrity lifestyle. Including, gossips, rumours, boyfriends etc. This targets a very different audience compared to the other magazine.


Angelina Jolie and other famous actors such as Live Schreiber and August Diel have also featured in some of the interviews. Some of the interviews that the cast of Salt have starred in include talk shows, and radio interviews filmed all over the world. Including, Mexico, Russia, USA, UK and Germany. The official DVD has many special features including the entire movie being dubbed in several different languages such as French, German, Turkish, Hindi and more. This promotes the film as it allows people all over the world that might not understand English fluently to enjoy the movie. The Salt DVD has another special DVD that includes all of the movies special features such as “The Ultimate Film Hero” this takes a look at Angelina Jolie and what she had to go through to be the perfect role for Salt. “Spy Disguise” Which looks at all of the different disguises Angelina Jolie wore during her movie plus many more features.  The features allow the audience to get a behind the scenes look of the movie and how it was put together.

Salt also released an official behind the scenes clip on YouTube that has many different parts. (Part 1...Part 2...Part 3) Each part is approximately 7-9 minutes long. Therefore, includes a lot of exclusive action and outtakes. 


Salt has an official Twitter Page that gives updates to fans about the movie including competitions and give-aways. An example of how Salt have used Twitter to promote their movie is by doing giveaways and competitions. The twitter page asks the fans questions about the movie and about their star Angelina Jolie, the fans that then get the most questions right are the ones that win the competition and eventually win give-aways. For example, a signed poster or a DVD. This persuades more people to take part in the competitions and get involved with the film celebrating it’s release.

Salt also uses this same method on their Facebook page. The Facebook page has over 5 million likes. As the movie has been distributed by Columbia Pictures (US) and Sony Pictures (UK) the companies now post other movies that they have distributed on their Facebook page. Although Salt is not a new movie,  there are still many interactions made on their Facebook page.

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