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MEST1 - How are texts constructed?

How are texts in the three platforms constructed?

How is the film promoted through...

Salt's main character Evelyn Salt, played by famous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, did several interviews with magazines and newspapers. Depending on what type of magazine it was, the interviews were very informative and spoke a lot about the film. One example of an interview Angelina Jolie did for a magazine is "" Like most articles, it started with a clear introduction as to what it would be about, additional information (in this case, information about Salt and how the movie had actually be written for the main lead to be a male.) The article then goes on to asking Angelina Jolie questions. This article mainly focuses on Angelina Jolies time on the movie, what it was like doing the stunts etc. The article also talks about how her famous husband, Hollywood actor Brad Pitt. A significant method have used for this article to help promote them and the movie is that in the introduction they have mentioned Brad Pitt's name. They have spoken about his reaction to finding Angelina Jolie half dressed as a man and woman (in preparation for a role) However, using Brad Pitt's name in the sub-heading when only mentioning his name in a sentence in the article is a good method to get more readers drawn in to reading the article. Another promotion method.                


Angelina Jolie and other actors from the film Salt have promoted themselves and the movie in many different ways. Angelina Jolie did a radio interview with BBC Four - FRONT ROW. The BBC describe the programme as a "live magazine programme on the world of arts, media, literature, film and music." The shows usually consist of a mix of reviews, previews, interviews, film exclusives etc. The interview is mainly about reviews and what they have heard about the movie. However, Angelina Jolie then makes a guest appearance although only talks for a few minutes. This is a significant promotion me
thod as Angelina Jolie talks about how hard it was filming the movie and getting ready for it. As she did do most of the stunts herself, this leaves enough information and persuades viewers of the radio show to want to watch the movie and see what it is about and what stunts Angelina Jolie did.

Angelina Jolie and director of the movie, Phillip Noyce did several interviews for tabloids, newspapers and magazines to help raise awareness of their movie. By doing interviews with different magazines it allows them to target a wider audience. Angelina Jolie did interviews with several different types of magazines such as Vanity Fair, a magazine of fashion, popular culture and current affairs, Total Film, a magazine published every four weeks and offers cinema, DVD and Blu-Ray news, reviews and features.   This magazine cover of People Magazine, uses "The Salt Star" as a way of introducing and relating to Angelina Jolie. Even though, Angelina Jolie has many other successful movies People Magazine chose Salt as they know the magazine was being released close after the movie's release date.


Salt's official Facebook page has over 5,000,000 likes. This already tells us it has a big fanbase, and is well known around. The Facebook page has already used many different techniques to try and promote the release of the official DVD/Blu-Ray including giveaways of signed posters and opportunities to meet the cast including Angelina Jolie.

The Twitter page followed the same promotion methods, and also did giveaways. The page did other competitions which included asking questions about the movie, Angelina Jolie and Sony Pictures. This method worked well, as Angelina Jolie has a big fan base all around the world. Another competition was based on questions about the Official Salt Trailer when it had just been released, this was a significant method as it meant that people had to watch the trailer and do research on the movie and the label that produced it to be able to win free goodies, such as signed posters and tickets to Disneyland Florida.
However, Salt at the time did not have many followers on Twitter as it did on Facebook. This being because when the movie was released there were less users then rather than now.

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