Wednesday, 23 April 2014

MEST 1 - How are representations constructed across the 3 platforms?

How are characters/stars in the film represented in?


In an interview Angelina Jolie did with Hello! Magazine, she talks about how hard she tried to keep SALT from becoming "pretty." The interview then goes on to talk about how hard Angelina Jolie fought and trained to become the best role for her character Evelyn Salt. The interview represents Angelina Jolie as incredibly hard-working and determined to always try her best and give it her all. The interview then goes on asking her more personal questions that have to do with her family life and her charitable work. The magazine has previously published articles including front page ones about Angelina Jolie and her family life, including the fact that she has adopted kids from Africa and China. The article then talks about how she previously visited Afghanistan and managed to open a girls school there. This represents her as very charitable, generous and caring.


Angelina's radio interviews mainly focus on her movie and ask less about her personal/glamorous life. The radio presenters tend to ask about her movie and what she had to go through to get ready for it and film it, Angelina talks about how she did most of the stunts on her own. This presents her as very courageous and adventurous, as in most action movies nowadays, a stuntman is hired to pretend to be the character and do the stunt scenes for them. Mainly being because actors were to scared and did not want to get hurt.

Her TV interviews consisted mainly of talk shows, on both American and English shows which were then dubbed in to other languages. In these talk shows, most of the questions revolved around her personal life. This represents Angelina as very glamorous and living the star studded life. Most of the talk show interviews with her concluded of questions about her hollywood life instead of her new movie.


Angelina Jolie is not herself on E-Media. She does not have Twitter and her Facebook page is run by management. However, Salt's official Facebook page did a fun Q & A with Angelina Jolie allowing fans and viewers to ask her questions, her then replying to then. She also did a live stream, where fans could watch her answering their questions live. The questions consisted mainly of her film including;

"Is this role of yours any similiar to your Tomb Raider film?"
"Will there be a Salt 2?"
"What was your funnist moment on set"

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