Tuesday, 1 April 2014

MEST1 Cross Media Study

Who are the films target audience(s) and how do you know?

I would say that Salt is aimed for 14 and upwards. The movie does include very little scenes of sex & nudity, just a husband and wife kissing on the sofa. The movie has a fair amount of violence and gore, including intense fights, car crashes and chase. Profanity wise, the movie has a few swear words however they are not too bad. The movie contains some minor smoking and very little alcohol. Overall, the movie is aimed for mid teens and over. By doing research on Wikipedia and other websites, I got a clear understanding of the target audience. There are also many other websites that post reviews and rate the movies as a recommendation for parents and as to whether or not they should take their children to watch it.

The film is promoted to it's target audience through print by;

The cast of the movie, including the director have done several different interviews with a variety of magazines and newspapers. Some examples of articles that have been written about the cast/interviews of the cast include, Vanity Fair, TOTAL FILM, Heat Magazine, People Magazine and Entertainment etc.
An advantage of Salt featuring on all of these magazines is that they are targeting a range of people, instead of just one specific group. For example, a magazine like People Magazine that talks mainly about current celebrity affairs and gossip mainly targets females, whereas a magazine like TOTAL FILM targets both women and men, this allows a range of different people from all over the world to hear about the film. Angelina Jolie has also done many interviews that have been dubbed into different languages such as, German, French, Hindi and Spanish. This helps as it means the interviews can be distributed all over the world and not just English-speaking countries. This allows Salt to target a variety of audiences all over the world.

The film is promoted to it's target audience through Broadcast;

The DVD/Blu Ray has dubbed the movie in several different languages including, English, Dutch, Hindi, German and Turkish. This is a good method of promoting the movie worldwide as it allows countries that are not fluent in the movies main language English to be able to watch the movie and understand it. The DVD also features two different versions of the movie. The Director's Cut and The Extended Cut, this includes flashbacks that could not make the theatrical version. The soundtrack was released on both iTunes and as aq CD-ROM.

Salt also has a Movie Soundtrack available, the music is composed by James Newton Howard (An American Composer who is known for doing over 100 successful Hollywood movies) and released by Madison Gate Records. The official soundtrack includes over 21 tracks, including a Russian track.

Angelina Jolie did many interviews to help promote and raise awareness about her movie Salt, including radio interviews with BBC 4, Ryan Seacrest, SBS and Absolute Radio. Angelina Jolie also starred in many interviews on TV, including chat shows such as Jonathan Ross and The Ellen Show. By Angelina Jolie featuring on both radio and TV, it allows her to reach many different target audiences. It is also significant that during her interviews on TV, Angelina Jolie spoke more about her current affairs and celebrity life. However, on her radio interviews she speaks more about what it was like filming for Salt and preparing for the movie.

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